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Treat your customers with the respect they deserve – if you don’t someone else will!
Become customer obsessed – it’s what the top companies in the world do!

Why Smile?

By engaging with Smile Customer Experience Ltd you will have taken the first step towards putting your customers at the heart of your business.

Together we can help you understand how to develop your business into a truly customer centric organisation. Imagine how great your business will perform when every employee understands the link between outstanding customer service and profit!

To start we will use a proven measure of your current relationship with your customers. In most cases we will use the Investor In Customers assessment and accreditation process to clearly establish a base measure of where your business is today against a set of metrics that have been thoroughly tested as a guaranteed way to get an accurate benchmark of your customers experiences.

The assessments are carried out remotely and on-line, they take about 5 weeks to complete and then we will feedback the results and findings to you.

We feedback the detailed findings from the assessment in the form of a workshop that explains in plain language what the findings mean.

You will then be awarded with the Investor in Customers accreditation of either Bronze, Silver or Gold

You will be able to use the IIC logo as part of your marketing and PR and Smile Customer Experience Ltd dedicated consultants will work with you to maximise the return in terms of publicity and partnership with other IIC Ltd and Smile Customer Experience Ltd clients.


Smile Customer Experience Ltd can then work with you on a programme of improvement based on the feedback you receive from your customers to ensure outstanding business performance.


We can then help the staff in your business achieve greater levels of confidence and ability in areas such as sales and leadership roles.


Together we will work to make really great smiles all around!

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